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    Possible to use sas-label when importing SAS-data?

    junwa shimada

      When SAS-data are used as the input for tableau, is it possible to use the sas label rather than sas variables name?

      It is somehow bothering to rename field names one by one in tableau.

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          Ritesh Bisht

          Found below answer by Amber


          Right now, Tableau isn't able to display value/variable labels from SPSS .sav files. There are a couple workarounds you can try, though they may not be ideal for your situation:

          • Rename the fields in Tableau Desktop, or
          • Change the column names in SAS.
          • use a calculated field with a CASE statement to create string values that can be used as Value Labels. For example:

          CASE [Gender Field] WHEN 1 THEN 'MALE' WHEN 2 THEN 'FEMALE' END


          Additionally, you can submit an idea in our Ideas  forum and vote it up as a request to have this functionality added. I searched there a little, but didn't find a similar one.


          - Amber


          See more ---->Data conversion losing variable labels SPSS .sav to Tableau


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