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    Powershell to add users to the Tableau server (Local Authentication)

    Santhosh Sekar

      Hi All,


      Im using below powershell code to add users into Tableau server active directory authentication.


      $TabUserXML = ('<tsRequest><user name="' + $value1 + '" siteRole="' + $value2+ '"/></tsRequest>')


      $TabResponse = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $TabUri/sites/$TabSiteID/users -Headers $TabHeaders -Method POST -Body $TabUserXML


      But now I could like to add the users into my new environment which has local authentication where I need to give the display name and emailID also in addition to the above inputs. Eventually Im not sure how to achieve this in local authentication and how the parameter has to be defined to print display name and emailID when we add the users into the server using invoke restmethod.


      Appreciate anyone help here!