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    How to sync axis on Dashboard?. I have separate charts and X-Axis variable is numeric value of day which is different for each data set

    Ketan Siddhapura

      Hi Everyone, I am new to tableau. I have searched about this question for 2 days and then finally decided to post here in community.

      I have four charts AE, CM, EX, LB.  Four charts uses separate data set with some common values in each data set such as  USUBJID which is present in all four data set and I have used that as a filter in Patient Profile Dashboard.

      I am trying to sync X-axis of four charts in Patient Profile Dashboard where I can see that all 0 align in one line all 1,2 and so on.


      The value of X-axis variable in four charts is same type numeric which is shows 'Days'

      Ex. In AE chart X-axis represent by Aestdy (Ae study day)

            EX chart X-axis represent by  Exstdy (Exposure Day)

            CM Chart X-axis represent by Cmstdy (Cm study day)

             LB chart X-axis represent by Visitdy (Visit Day)


      Here in all four charts has numeric value of Day in X-axis. Each Data Set AE, CM, EX, LB has different numeric value for appropriate variable (Aestdy, exstdy, cmstdy, visitdy).


      I would like to sync axis in dashboard so I can able to see all same day number in same line for all four charts in dashboard.


      Can someone please help me if it is possible in tableau?