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    Show Null Combinations on a Frequency Matrix

    Ben Peterson

      Working on a Frequency Matrix that will show Member ID counts for combinations of Rules.


      Been able to show combinations of rules that have at least 1 Member ID.


      Can do it with either Table Calcs (which I prefer)


      forum question 1.png


      or with a self join of the dataset


      forum question 2.png


      How to show rules in the matrix that have no Member IDs?


      For example, if I add "Rule 4" to the dataset, with the Member ID field NULL,


      forum question 3.png



      the Table Calc version shows 1 Member ID when it should be 0


      forum question 4.png


      and the self join of the dataset shows no change - no surprise, as the join is on Member ID and Run Date


      I've attached a workbook and dataset.