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    Unselecting Filter Selection on a Worksheet resets dashboard filter on another worksheet

    Rajdeep Brar



      I have a line graph filtered on a field on Dashboard 1, when the graph is selected, I am taken to Dashboard 2 with the filter from dashboard 1 applied (through an action). 

      In Dashboard 2, I have two separate bar graphs which correctly reflect what is filtered from Dashboard 1.

      On Dashboard 2, If I select one bar from bar graph 1, bar graph 2 is correctly filtered (I am using both bar graphs as filters on dashboard 2).

      The problem is that when I unselect that bar from bar graph 1, bar graph 2 resets and does not reflect what it was originally filtered on from Dashboard 1.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Unfortunately, this is sensitive data and I cannot share the workbook.


      Thank You!