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    comparing current temperature to predicted temperature

    Sandra Nieves

      Dear Tableau Masters,

      I would like to create a chart, that shows for any given hour the current temperature, as well as the temperature forecast that was predicted an hour earlier.


      Example: on [scrape time local] Sep. 24 at 10pm the current [temperature] in [location] Lagos de Obidos was 19,12°C. An hour earlier on [local time minus 1 hour] Spe 24. at 9pm the 1 hour temperature forecasted for 10 pm [Forecast1 Temperature] was 19,76°C.


      I have created two calculated fields:

      --> local time minus 1 hour

      ATEADD('hour', -1, [Scrape Time Local])

      --> 1 hour prediction

      { FIXED [local time minus 1hour]:AVG([Forecast1 Temperature]) }


      What I would like to see in one chart on Sep 24 at 10pm, is the current temperature at 10pm (19,12°C) and the forecasted temperature, that was predicted at 9pm for 10pm (19,76°C). Does anyone have an idea how to do this? I have attached my workbook. Thanks a lot.