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    Connect Account Table and Task Table In Salesforce

    Samuel Foshay

      Tricky one for the group here.

      I want to answer the following question:

      • A individual owns b accounts
      • Of those b accounts, c % of those accounts have been contacted in the last d days by A individual (multiple people can be calling into an account)
      • I want to filter the underlying activity by E activity type (dynamically swtich between emails, phone calls, all, none, etc)


      I've included a simple sample dataset in excel with the following:

      1. a simple account table

      2, a simple activity table

      3. a viz on the merged data tab that shows the ideal output, a table listing the accounts with calculated fields on number of tasks based on filtering for account owner (which automatically filters task owner), Type of task (multi select preferred) and time



      Please help!