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    Nested LOD, Dynamic/Uniform Chart Axis Range, and Dynamic Mapping Swap

    Gabe DeWitt

      Here are a couple neat things I've found, and how one might combine them.


      Nested LOD & Dynamic Unified/Uniform Char Axis

      Others have solved the dynamic uniform axis in a few different ways, but I hadn't seen anything with a nested LOD calc in those solutions (e.g.an exclude of an include).

      I initially used a window_max of a sum to return the max value i needed as a constant in each graph independently,...

      But, I was having trouble taking the calc the next step where it would return the max of the maxes as that constant across all 3 diagrams

      Enter the nested LOD calculation...

      While it took me a bit to reason how I got to to work, the resulting calculation is pretty simple.

      Unified Uniform Axis Range1a.JPG

      { EXCLUDE   [Fiscal Year] : max({ include [Fiscal Year]: ((SUM([Total Planned Costs])))})}



      1. Charts with non uniform Y axis

      Unified Uniform Axis Range.JPG



      2. Charts with uniform Y axis - adding the Axis Limit calc as a reference line in each of the graphs unifies the maximum range for the Y axis.

      Unified Uniform Axis Range2.JPG

      Unified Uniform Axis Range1b.JPG



      3. Charts with the reference line cleaned up

      Unified Uniform Axis Range3.JPG


      4. A few more unified charts to make it look cool (this group are limited by max count)

      Unified Uniform Axis Range4.JPG


      Dynamic Map Swap on Selection

      The dynamic map swap will take a few minutes to figure out and reverse engineer. But, it's a fairly simple and a solid method for this style of interactivity.  Here's the link to Ryan Grojean solution to making maps drill down on selection. Also, here's a forum post about it with some discussion and shoubleshooting.


      Unified Uniform Axis Range5.JPGUnified Uniform Axis Range6.JPG

      I got a lot of pleasure out of getting the map swapping to work, and I'm quite sure you will too.