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    Formatting Question

    Lori Johnson


      I was reviewing the attached view from Tableau Public and I am curious what makes the circles so neat and clear. I am thinking it is related to the percentages. If so, could you guide me in a simple way on how to create the percentage data using Superstore data.

      Thank you.

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          Ken Flerlage

          Ah that looks familiar!! (I created that viz ). We had a similar question on here just recently, so rather than repeat it here, I'll just refer you to that discussion. Let me know if it gives you the answers you need. Unable to display circle chart as expected

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            Lori Johnson

            Thanks, Ken. I have a good start. How should I pick the dimension to sort? Also how should I decide the order of pills that need to move up?

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              Ken Flerlage

              The order of the pills and the sorting all sort of work together here. The order of the pills on the card will determine the default sorting. So, for instance, when I told the other person to move Region to the top, that caused each region to be grouped together (so you get that sort of banded look). Then Name was dragged up, which would have, by default, set the bubbles to sort by Name within each regional band. However, we changed the sort on Name so that it would sort descending by the same measure that was used for the sizing. The result of this is that the large bubbles are on the inside and they grow smaller as you move outward.


              In your case, you'll need to figure out how/if you want bands and which measure you want to sort by. Does that make sense?

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                Ken Flerlage

                Hi, just following up on this one. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.