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    Trending Percentage over time

    Ena Vu

      When I am trying to calculate a percentage over time with the rolling weighted denominator, what is that called? The calculation is basically

      Users With WiFi Activity/Users 

      The line graph that I have is graphed daily on the x axis but at each day, it is only calculating the day of so the percentage is extremely lower, but what I want is on the line graph, on day, the percentage of WiFi users rolling 30 up to that day is this % vs only day x $.

      Is that called a moving average?

      Also, how is that calculate?

      What Data should look like

      Day  Percentage SUMTotalWiFiUsersRolling   SumTotalUsersRolling 8/1  85%        1800                      2000 8/1  81%        1700                      2100 

      What Tableau is doing

      Day  Percentage SUMTotalWiFiUsersDayOnly   SumTotalUsersRolling 8/1  30%        600                               2000 8/1  35%        735                               2100