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    IDs with data types - Need all IDs where certain data type is missing.

    Aanchal Dahiya

      So I have data that looks something like below:


      IDData ID
      Data Type


      Now there can be multiple IDs with different systems and Data Types.

      What I want is to list out ALL IDs where either one of the "Data Type" is missing


      So output would show something that would suggest that "ID" 145 is "Missing Frontend" and "ID" 456 is "Missing Backend".

      ID "123" has both Backend and Frontend, so that will not be visible.


      I basically need all IDs (Distinct) missing Backend and all IDs missing Frontend


      FYI: The dataset has over 40 million rows - when I try to place ID in ROWS and XREF Types in as TEXT - it is taking over an HOUR to respond - so placing all at one time is not an option.

      Thank you so much!