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    Week-End (Friday) Agg to Last Day of Determined Day/Week

    Bill W



      Note: I am using Tableau 10.4 - We haven't upgraded yet.


      I have a challenging question here.


      So, a little background. I am currently trying to calculate the amount of Projects Executed and the Percentage of the Projects Executed On-Time. However, the week has been determined to end on the last Friday.

      Since, my project related data does not contain all the Friday's within a given year I had to create a calendar data set and link that with my project data. (i.e. Calendar Sheet (left joined) to data sheet on the Execution Date.



      Week Number - To Create the ending week date



      Week Ending Date:

      WINDOW_MAX(MAX([Date])) - Table Calc of spec dims to week number and date at level of date and restarting every week number.


      Projects Executed and %Executed On-Time -  a mixture of counts based on status and dividing by summations.


      What I would like to see is for my two calculations to be pushed to the ending date of Friday (like this below). I think the Date Detail is causing the issues. However, if I remove it then I will not be able to return the last Friday's of a given week.


      TeamMetric Values
      Fri-Apr 6,18Fri-Apr 13, 18Fri-Apr 20,18Fri-Apr 27,18

      Team A

      %Executed On-Time50%50%67%
      Projected Executed223
      Team B%Executed On-Time100%
      Projects Executed2
      Team C%Executed On-Time100%100%
      Projects Executed11




      Thanks for your time in looking at this.