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    Ravi A



      Discrete time dimension table calculations could get lot complex and not sure of few things.

      Could we get the exact month when a particular target has met? If so, time lapse between two times target is met?

      To explain better, i mocked up a case in the tab CalculateTheMeetingMonth with KPI Arrows.

      The KPI arrows run based on last month value with the calculation below.


      The data is filter to see months with data and meeting the requirement of 25 as in calculation.


      Trying to get the month when it first hit 30 and the how many months it took for each state to reach back to the target.


      For example, San Francisco hit quantity 30 in May and it took 2 months August to Re-hit 30 target (Both to be displayed at row level for each city)


      Attached workbook. Thanks in advance, curious to understand ways in working this out.