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    Renaming Set URL to meaningful name

    Amit Naik

      Is there a way we can change text of URL ?

      Foe Ex: When user hovers on Operations image it shall pop up "Click to go Goto Operations" instead of showing the link.

      Note: I know how this can be done using Images via Shapes in each sheet then bringing them on Dashboard and via Actions etc. I just need to know if there is any way to rename the text when I use Set URL on image while the underlying URL remains the same.


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          Naveen B

          Hi Amit,


          1) Place all the images which you want to use  in the shapes folder


          My Documents\Tableau Repository\Tableau Version\Shapes\[Create New Folder]\


          2) Create a worksheet and add Shapes as per your design using images you placed in tableau repository folder  --> In tooltip mention "Click to go Goto Operations"


          3) Place that worksheet in your Dashboard


          4) Create a URL action and mention URL


          when you hover on the Sheet you will get the "Click to go Goto Operations" tooltip and when you will click it will redirected to url


          Hope this helps


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            Amit Naik


            Thanks for your reply but I had mentioned in my post that I already knew this and wanted to know whether it could be done on image URL.


            Thanks for the reply but unfortunately this dosen't help me.

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              Amit Naik

              Looks like I might need to change the URL Name and use redirection to actual URL. Something of that sorts ..