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    Data Source Filtering With Related Fields

    Nick Tenhundfeld

      Alright, struggling a bit on using the "Related Data Source" filtering in a particular case.


      The Scenario - let's assume I have (3) Data Sheets:

      • Data Set #1 - Project Info
      • Data Set #2 - Spending Cost Data
      • Data Set #3 - Capitalization Cost Data


      Now in all (3) data sets, there is a field called Project ID #.  This is my related field between data sets.  The problem is, the users of my dashboard are not aware of what their Project ID # is for their given project.  It is an arbitrary number created by the system.  In the Project Info data sheet is a listing of all Project Names that users are familiar with along with Project ID #'s


      How can i have users select their Project Name via a filter in Data Set #1 and then have that filter Data Set #2 & #3 for all subsequent views/sheets using the Project ID #?  I am hoping i can avoid blending these all together as in my actual case, there are ~5-6 different data sets all with millions of rows of data. 


      Here is what I am currently doing:

      1. Having the user select their Project Name in data set #1
      2. Then having a filter below that only showing relevant values of Project ID #, which there is only 1 choice for now
      3. Having them select this Project ID # filter and using that to filter remaining data sources


      It seems cumbersome to add that extra click.  Any thoughts on how to avoid this?