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    Track count of Download Data and Crosstab

    Namrata Patil

      Hello All,


      I want to track the count of Data and Crosstab downloaded from Tableau server and by which user.

      Tableau server 2018.1.2 is used.




      I tried looking into "historical_event_types" table from Postgre but nothing specific related to the requirement is found.


      Please let me know if there is any way around for getting the required information.


      Thanks everyone




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          Matt Coles

          Hi Namrata. You are correct, that type of action is unfortunately not captured in the historical_events data. It's mostly accessible from the http_requests table, but it can be a bit hard to capture.


          In the http_request_uri field, you want to look for the trailing characters for these types of data exports:


          commands/tabsrv/png-export-server: Export a PNG of a viz

          commands/tabsrv/pdf-export-server: Export the PDF of a viz

          commands/tabdoc/get-summary-data: Open the show data window to see summary data

          commands/tabdoc/get-underlying-data: View the underlying data behind a viz


          But that's not all! There is more than one way to export from Tableau Server. To find the others, you'll need to check for URL parameters somewhere in the same field, such as:






          Downloads of full workbooks and data sources do not seem to be tracked in this data set, so you're stuck relying on historical_events for that.


          It's unclear to me that any tabcmd calls would show in http_requests, so that'd be something I recommend testing if you're concerned about it.


          Please note that working with the http_requests data is a royal pain in the **** due to the fact that it's raw request data from Apache, and some fields like User Id aren't populated correctly.


          But! I invite you to use the new data source I just created for it this week, TS Web Requests. It will do the heavy lifting for you, making the data as clear and as accurate as possible. With that, combined with the TS Events data source on the same page, you should be able to cover 95% of the scenarios in which content can be downloaded or exported from Server.

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            Namrata Patil

            Thank you Matt for detail information. And yes i am already using the workbooks you shared Indeed, it is very handy and helpful.


            I have connected to http_requests table, seems more deep diving is needed. Will need to work on an alternative solution.




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              Matt Coles

              No problem. I'd also like to note my own surprise and amusement that our community auto-censored my use of a very innocuous term for backside.