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    Tableau Container Dynamic Resizing

    Akshay Acharya

      Hi Experts,


      On my dashboard I have one sheet which has all the Descriptions (11 in total), in front of the Descriptions I have 11 different sheets with graphs pertaining to each Description. All of these details have date filter.

      Now I have placed the sheet Descriptions Directly on the Dashboard and all the 11 graphs are placed in a container for distributing them evenly.

      When I have the entire period selected, all the 11 graphs has a value, now when I select a particular year, Descriptions sheet works perfectly by utilizing the space on the entire dashboard and distributing the descriptions evenly. However the container hides the graphs that does not have value but does not utilize that space and distributes remaining graphs evenly. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Screenshots are mentioned below for easy reference

      All Filter.JPGDate Filter Applied.JPG