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    Can't connect to datasources when trying to publish dashboards

    Mihail Mitev

      Hi everyone,


      I am new to Tableau and I am trying to publish my first dashboard to Tableau server. I have all the permissions needed to do so and I managed to upload on older version of my workbook, but now when I try to upload an updated version I get an error saying that Tableau can't connect to the data sources. Both the data sources that I use are stored on a shared company drive (as is the workbook). I am using a live connection and my intention is to update the data sources on a weekly basis (they are an Alteryx output) and I was hoping that the updated data will automatically transfer to the published Dashboards. Is that at all possible? And if it is how could I achieve it? Also, if anyone has any idea why it won't connect to the data when I'm trying to publish please share .