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    What about Tableau 'Embedded views' security?

    Jaime Freire

      Hello everyone hope you're having a great day,


      I would like to ask those of you who are close to Embedded Views or similar topics about some concerns that came to my mind after a client asked our company to show some KPIs made with Tableau in their website.

      Since we aren't very aware about security issues related to this, we would be very pleased if your explanations are delivered in an "easy way".


      As I said, we're worried about how could an embedded view in a website compromise our data, in particular the access to the database which the KPIs' dashboard is using as well as a possible infiltration in our Tableau Server.

      Is that possible? Can we protect the view with any kind of authentication? Is there anything else we should worry about before showing an embedded view? Or has Tableau already taken this in consideration and built embedded views safe for this purpouse?


      Thanks for your time and responses!