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    Open/Close Date Activity Calculation - Broken???

    Jalal Hassan



      So the other day I was playing around with Open/Close Date calculations to see how much load it caused on Tableau with how large the dataset could possibly be.


      Everything went well I set up a test example using some of our data. Today I decided to delve a little more into the data, and wanted to build out some reports using it for a new Revenue Manager we have starting tomorrow.


      Low and Behold though, for some reason while my previous days work is still working fine when I go to replicate the method using different data the calculations do not appear to be working anymore.


      I've attached a workbook showing an example of two identical worksheets one where the Open/Close date activity calculations work, and an identical one where it is not working. I've spent hours trying to figure out what the issue is, to no avail. Maybe I missed something simple? I thought I would reach out to the good experts here for some help.




      Also some advice on how to get the data formatted in a calendar view would be excellent! As well as possibly doing a running average of values that fall within those dates. Really though I just can't figure out if I am now doing something wrong, or if this is a bug?


      I am using 2018.2. 64x