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    Filter to latest date value based on a condition when dashboard is opened.

    Debarpan Musib



      I want to display values of a field in a dashboard for the latest date based on the values present in another field.

      There're three fields: Date, Amount, Expense

      Date: Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

      Amount: Value present till July 2018 (followed by Null for the remaining months).

      Expense: Value present from Aug 2018 to Dec 2018 (Null for rest)

      Data shall be updated every month for Amount and Expense.



      Assume it's July now, next month we shall have amount data for august and expense for august shall be null.

      When I open the dashboard it should show the values of the latest date where Amount is not null. (July in this case)



      The month following July, say December should also be available to be selected.




      How can this be done.

      I've applied 'Filter to latest date value when dashboard is opened'; this is showing Dec value.