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    Tableau 2018.2 installation on RHEL with LDAP (RHDS) Integration

    ChandrasekharaRao Andagunda

      Hello Server admins,


      We are deploying Tableau server 2018.2 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.3.

      The Identity store we are doing on Redhat Linux Directory Server (Openldap).

      We could do installation and activation of licenses succesfully.

      We are experiencing issues while initializing TSM with active directory mode.

      We have provided all LDAP system hostname, port details and we are getting invalid username/ password error.

      But we are using same user for installation of tableau server so no issue with login crenditals.


      Here to my surprise, we got to know our request is not reaching LDAP system at all.


      Please ref attachment for errors we are encountering..


      Please also note...we have updated config.JSON file with LDAP system (simple bind) details  as per template in this link..


      SSL certificates were already installed at server level.

      Do we need to install/generate SSL key file at tableau application level as well.

      If yes, how to generate them and processing steps Kindly let me know...


      Thanks in Advance,