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    How To Highlight One Date in a Date Range via Shape/Color?

    Ethan Elias

      Hi all,


      I've seen some similar questions asked about highlighting one value in a range, but none that highlight the value using a shape.


      My issue is as follows:


      I have several accounts, and I'm graphing their activity over time.  For each account I also have an open date, for when the account was opened.  I'm trying to overlay the open dates onto each account's line and have it stand out by either making it a distinct shape (like a star) or a distinct color.

      Open dates are left joined to the account info in my SQL query. I tried using a dual axis/sync but weirdly my Open Date values are showing up as January 1900 (see top of graph).  If I just graph the open dates in a new sheet, the dates are formatted correctly and look fine.  When I drop my Open Date field onto a Label card, they show up correctly, but at the end of my line graph (seen above).

      Dropping the Open Date field onto the color card or shape card doesn't do anything.


      My only idea that I'm currently chasing out is that I just realized my two date values (Date and Open Date) are in different formats in my SQL table (YYYY-MM-DD and MM/DD/YYYY).  Trying to fix that now as that's the only thing I can think of.


      I'm not sure what else to do besides bang my head on the keyboard.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!