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    Top Sales by Segment compared to all other Segments?

    Robin Fay

      I'm trying to make a dynamic report where I select a segment from a parameter see the top n items and then see how the other segments stack up against it.

      below is an example with fake data, ideally I would be able to select the consumer segment and see the top 20 items, and see how those same items rank for Corp and Home segments highlighting the items that are not in the top 20 of the selected segment (consumer).


      for example

      the 5th best selling item isn't sold in corp and is not in the top 20 of home

      likewise the 6th best selling item from the consumer segment isn't sold in the other segments.



      in tableau I am filtering on product name with a top n parameter on sum of sales, but that doesn't seem to be working for this situation.


      anyone have any ideas for what I should do here?