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    Migrate to New Hardware, from 10.5 to 2018.2

    Ken Flerlage

      Hey all. I know a lot about Tableau Desktop, but am still kind of an amateur when it comes to Tableau Server, so I need a little help. For a variety of reasons, we will be transitioning from our current Tableau Server infrastructure to entirely new infrastructure. The old instance is on 10.5 and the new will be on 2018.2. The Migrate to New Hardware process seems pretty straightforward, but how is this impacted when you are migrating to an entirely new version of Tableau, especially when that version is 2018.2 and introduces TSM?


      What's the best approach for this? Should we install 10.5 on the new server, migrate our content, then upgrade to 2018.2? Or is there a way to safely migrate content directly from 10.5 to a 2018.2 instance?



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