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    Overlay a circle or circular band on a Coxcomb chart

    John Salazar

      I have a Coxcomb chart in the workbook attached.  I am using the Turbulence field as the variable for the chart, however I had to normalize its range from 0 to 10 (originally -5 to 5, but negative values on a Coxcomb chart are not really possible).  I would like to overlay a translucent circle over the area where where the Turbulence would be 0 or less (so in this case when my Normalized Turbulence is 5).  An unfilled circular band over where the Turbulence = 0 would be fine as well.  The circle could like this (pardon the horrendous mouse drawing):

      circlular band coxcomb.PNG


      I am thinking I could make another polygon for this, but I am unsure how to overlay it on the graph.