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    Live file data sources, and no Azure connectors?

    Michael Robin

      Trying out Tableau for an quick turn-around (< 2 day) project where I don't have time to code up my own visualization pipeline.

      I'm reading from a JSON file in "live" mode.

      The file is append-only, so I expected TD to either be able to realize this (sampling and hashes) or let me set an option so it could quickly read only new records, but it doesn't seem to do much until I go back the DataSource tab and then it seems to re-read the whole thing.

      The data could be windowed so I could process new data and throw away he tail.


      It would also be great to be able to watch a directory for new files (like a local "hive"), so that way I could create new data in batches and just write new files.

      Is there an alternate way to ingest real-time data in to TD that's generated on the same machine?


      Also are there any (non-SQL) Azure connectors - Event Hubs, BLOB storage, etc.?