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    Exhaustive list of methods for sharing tableau dashboards?


      Hi everyone!  I hope you can help me.  I work at a university and have been tasked with finding multiple methods for sharing Tableau data with a variety of consumers.  Some customers will not have a Tableau license, others will only be allowed to see a dashboard, but not the underlying data, while still others we will want to have the ability to view entire data sets.  Tableau Reader and Public are on my list as is employing Tableau Server to embed data into web pages that can be open or password controlled.


      It will helpful to find a list, document, or training video with all available methods for sharing data with stakeholders.  Google is my friend, but has not been as helpful as I'd like. If any of you have some information to share and will be so grateful!  Thanks!!

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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Brad.


          Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's something like this:


          These Roles
          Can Access viaTableau Creator/PublisherTableau Explorer/InteractorDashboard + DataDashboard + No Data
          Tableau Reader
          Tableau Public
          Tableau Server (direct, embed)
          Tableau Subscribe (email)
          Tableau Online
          Tableau (Distribute PDF)


          Having a workbook published on a Tableau server, or Online gives you a great deal of control over how users can interact with it. Plus, it gives you the ability to refresh the data. Public gives you the ability to share and limit access, but no automated way of refreshing. Reader gives all data associated with workbook, and you would need to distribute the packaged workbook. You wouldn't have control of how it could possibly be distributed, and refreshing data means redistributing the workbook. I included distributing PDFs as it's possible though really not my favorite.  One can script using tabcmd to generate and email PDFs. However, you lose all interactiveness which people really like.


          Hope this helps!



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            Daniel, thank you SO much!  Your reply appears to be exactly what I need.  The table is clear and thank you for the comments below it.  We will need to secure data for some aspects of our project but also want other data made available.  We will likely end up using some combination of Tableau Server and Reader to share data.  It is possible that we will use Server to publish some dashboards to a password protected website.


            Thank you again!