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    Get percentage from count elements

    Orlando Peralta

      Hi everyone,


      I´m trying to obtain a percentage of task ended at time, compared with the total of task in the period selected (month, quarter, year)


      I can show the total of task asigned (Counter) and ended (CounterAtTime), as in the image:



      Now, I want to show the percentage of ended task for period compared with total asigned task (CounterAtTime/Counter), but I obtain wrong values:



      As you can see, for example, for august, the total of asigment task are 52, and ended task are 5. If divide this numbers obtain 5/52=0.096=9.6%

      But in the second graph the value remain 5 as in the first graph.


      I cant understand Why happen this, if someone can help me I´ll be grateful. I attach the workbook in Tableau 10.4



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          I think it may have to do with CounterAtTime:

          IF ATTR(DATEPART([Select period],[Date]))=

          ATTR(DATEPART([Select period],[Real Date])) THEN




          I think this will get calculated on an ID level, and so each one

          that meets the criteria will yield a COUNTD of 1.

          With ID on the detail shelf, that means the 5 copies of 1

          are getting stacked up.


          Instead, I tried aggregating outside of the conditional:


          IF DATEPART([Select period],[Date])=

          DATEPART([Select period],[Real Date]) THEN




          Please see workbook v10.4 attached in the Forum Thread.