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    Highlight Automatically


      Hi everyone!


      How could I show a graph that it only highlights a certain area with "all" checked?

      When I open the tableau space, the graph below only highlight certain areas for me. I wonder how it works.



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          If you are seeking to highlight one specific row only when "All" is selected,

          you could try counting the on-screen InstructorType to see if it matches the Total number of Types:


          IF { EXCLUDE [InstructorType]:COUNTD([InstructorType])}={COUNTD([InstructorType])}

          AND [Sub-Category]="8"

          THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


          And place that on the Color Shelf.


          In the example you had shown, it feels like the workbook was saved after Item 8 had been clicked on.

          It can be uploaded that way to the Server such that Item 8 is always first highlighted on opening on the Server.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.

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            "highlight" here doesn't mean "different color", it means an item have already be highlighted even I choose All