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    3 Month vs. 6 month average calculated fields

    Alex  Gunnerson

      Hi, I am new to tableau and I am looking to create calculated fields to pull the average of a given measure for the most recent 3 months and most recent 6 months (1 calc field for 3 months and 1 for 6 months) starting with the current day. I am doing this because I want to be able to be able to compare the 3 month avg and 6 month avg. side by side on a visualization.


      The screenshot below shows what I am looking for except instead of 1 bar showing just the 3 months, I want another bar showing the 6 month average. I tried using calculated fields to do this but cannot quite figure it out.

      3 month snip.PNG


      Attached is the superstore sample tableau I used to simulate my problem.


      Let me know if what I am asking is unclear and I will try to explain better.