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    Aggregating Sum of two values if a Concatenated field has two values present for a specific Dimension

    Mohammad Jahanzeb



      I have an issue where I am trying to aggregate the sum of two values which have the same JOB, SUFFIX, ITEM, and OPERATION but has both completion as a "0" or "1"


      See an example below:





      *Need to aggregate these two values to display 1 value of the sum of both



      So here for Job 1, it has the same suffix, item, and operation, I'm trying to aggregate those two hours (Which are already a Sum) to display 1 value as a sum of both.


      Goal is to keep a job which has been Completed and aggregate their hours.
      If there is a Job, like Job 3, which has a complete 0 and not a 1 yet, indicating that the job is not done yet, we want to take those out of consideration.

      On the other hand, If a Job is complete, like Job 2, we want to keep that in.


      I've tried multiple calculations like LOOKUPs, FIXED, IFs and more but I can't really decipher how to approach this calculation.
      Does anyone have an idea?
      Unfortunately, I won't be able to share a workbook for this.


      Please let me know.
      Thank You!