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    Ideas required ... Anybody who has worked on automating publishing workbooks in Tableau??

    Atul Bhagwat

      Hi All,

      I work as a Tableau administrator. I am currently working on automating publishing of Tableau workbooks and datasources with either little to no manual intervention.

      This process would also eliminate the need to have a Tableau desktop for the user who wants to publish something onto the server.

      Did check the REST API and tabcmd route, however they offer the basics. We can definitely do stuff, however when it comes to either changing workbook credentials (datasource mapping) or figuring out if a workbook has multiple datasources attached, then I dont think that is the best route.

      IF anyone has worked on similar pages, would really like to connect and discuss further and exchange ideas.

      Some scenarios which needs to be addressed:

      1. Publishing workbooks with live connection / live + extracts / extracts

      2. able to map or change datasource credentials while publishing the workbooks

      3. Able to set schedule option while doing the same.

      4. Setting permissions (optional)