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    Hide certain raw data without filtering underlying calculations

    Mitchell Henderson

      Hi everyone!


      I'm trying to create a viz in Tableau similar to this:



      This is athlete data showcasing the current match's value (distance ran in this case; pink cross) for each player in comparison to their average (blue circle ± 90%CI).


      The problem I'm finding in Tableau is that when I try to filter out all matches except the most recent, it is filtering out the other data that's needed to calculate the average and confidence intervals. Similar case with the Figure on the right, it requires both the most recent data on its own as well as aggregate data from the entire dataset.


      I searched around for the answers and tried using the table calculation method to try and bypass the filtering, but it doesn't seem to work on data that isn't a part of a 'Quick Table Calculation'.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. New to Tableau and loving it so far.

      Using Tableau 2018.2.