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    Tableau as Analytics engine

    Amit Trehan



      I do apologise for asking a very beginners question. I started reading about tableau this morning and got very excited abt the features. I just want to get a broad guidelines in terms of if it’s possible to do what I want to do with tableau.


      Helicopter view of what I am trying to achieve.

      1) Recieve Json events over http - web connector


      2) Run Analytics based on data Received including any previous data received - where it will happen server or desktop?


      3) Use the analytics decision to execute action over http - how the analytics result can be used to trigger custom



      4) save all the events and board for the event as in underlying data and analytics run - how to save the data and analytics programmatically?


      Bit of background, I am developer and have built the engine for Etl and analytics. Thought of using Tableau for visualisations. At this point I realised I can use Tableau as a engine itself for analytics. Experts advice greatly appreciated   .