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    Unable to create extract

    Grace Plane

      Hi all,


      My Tableau Desktop 2018.2 will not let me create an extract and I get the following message (see attached).


      If anyone has an idea of how to fix this I would be very grateful!





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          Hello Grace,


          Thanks for posting to the Community forums. Reviewing the error returned when attempting to create the extract, I was unable to find a known issue or KB artilce to resolve. There were similar errors that all were very specific on the data soruce that was causing them.


          To better assist on the error, please respond with as much of the following as possible.


          + What is the underlying data source that is being extracted? (i.e. MySQL, SQL Server, etc..)

          - Please include the version of the data source as welll.


          + Are there any joins present in the workbook?


          Look forward to hearing from you!



          Byrne, Patrick