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    one single calculation that is incosistent with the rest...

    Joe Smith

      In the attached workbook, the calculated field Total Energy Output is calculated as the following:

      Image 13.png

      However, there is one single instance as highlighted by the arrow shown below that the calculation is not correct.

      Image 14.png


      According to the formula above the correct value for this instance should be:

      Total Energy Output = 12558.5 *10^6 * 10% * 0.135 * 1162 * 0.8 / 10^6 = 157,604, rather than 188,786 as shown in the current workbook.


      The strange thing is that this is the only incorrect one, and the rest rows of the calculations are all correct.


      Appreciate if you can kindly take a look and advise what the source of this error could be.


      Thank you.