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    Deactivate tableau server licenses

    Michelle cai

      Hey guys,


      Now i'm want to offline deactivate licenses in tableau server(version 10.5).


      However, i meet issues when i operate.


      1) There are different licenses between web and product key management tool.

           when i login the tableau server via username & password, i can see some licenses(a,b,c)

           when i open the product key management tool, i can see others licenses(a,d,e,f,g)

           so how could i know what is exact licenses?


      2) As i know, if the windows server can't connect to internet, we must deactivate licenses offline.

      •      however, when i open the product key management tool
      •      select one licenses
      •      click deactivate button
      •      the licenses disappear

          so the licenses is deactivated now? why will not return some file?


      3) assume that there are 5 licenses in product key management, when i deactivate the last license, the system promote a message - - unable to deactivate the licenses.

         any one meet that?


      it would be many appreciated if any kindly advise or suggestion. many thanks~


      Best regards,