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    Dashboard rendering logic

    Praks Sha

      Hi Experts,

      I need your help to create the following logic.


      I have a Dashboard - Dashboard1. Functionality here is, when user selects a city in the filter , that city and its population are being populated in another sheet (which is also a part of dashboard), based on this City, its State is being populated and shows the state population.

      There are two sheets(displayed as Text card in the dashboard), the value in this is based on user selection. For these two sheets, User has to enter cities via filters to compare the population with first entered city.-------------------- This is working.


      I need help in -

      Now to drill down this dashboard, I want to create another sheet which will link to Dashboard 1. When the user click on any Text card in the Dashboard1 - it should navigate to this sheet, which is a line Chart, displays the Population trend over time for each Text Card. Please refer to the below image.





      Please advise, how can I achieve this functionality in Tableau.



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          Jonathan Brough

          Hi Praks,

          As I understand, you already have the Dashboard element done, and just want to know how to navigate on to the Line chart.

          Attached workbook simulates your data with a Filter Action on the main dashboard. This acts on Single Select of the State and City population text fields, to navigate to the Line chart.

          Please mark answered if this addresses your question.



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            Praks Sha

            Hi Jonathan,

            Thanks for your time. I have gone through the attached .twbx file.


            In the below screenshot (red highlighted area), if you see there are two other Sheets, which have its own filters for City.



            So in the Line Graph, two different trend lines for these two user entered cities should also appear.


            Please advise on this.