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    Tableau server automated/silent install

    Marinko Pasic

      I am trying to conduct Tableau server 2018.2.1 automated/silent installation following https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/automated_install_windows.htm#SecretsFile

      In Secrets.json I have account, which is local admin for the Windows server, where I want to install Tableau server. same account is "local-admin-user" and "content-admin-user". Also licence key is there.

      In Registration.json I have all details, necessary for registration (email, address, ...)

      In Config.json I have as below:

      Installation always fails with error message:

           Resource Conflict: The specified user 'ServiceAcc' cannot logon.  Have you provided the correct password? Is your domain controller healthy?

      Our domain is quite healthy, password is correct and I can access server using TSM web interface with the very same account/password which is used in the script, and finish server setup initialization there

      Does anybody has a clue why my TSM CLI approach fails?




























      "directoryServiceType": "activedirectory",

      "hostname": "Domaindc1.domain.com ",



           "bind": "simple",

           "username": "Domain\\ServiceAcc",

           "password": "password"