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    Discrete Date Pill reads a DateTime field as 12:59:59 instead of 13:00:00, giving the wrong Hour, but only on a live connection

    Christopher Simpson

      I feel like this should not be this difficult, but the fact it works on an extract but not a live connection has stumped me.


      I have a data source with a date in one field (as a date) and the hour as a float (but it only a whole number 1.00, 2.00, etc).  I use datetime to create a combined datetime field : "Datetime([Fecha]+[Hora]/24)"


      When reviewing in the data tab, everything shows correctly.  However, when using a discrete date pill, the 1pm hour shows as 12:59:59, causing the 12 and 1p hour to combine.  If I change it to extract, it displays correctly.


      I've tried multiple methods of rounding the date, and it either stays the same or makes the problem worse.  I have attached the workbook, but it won't replicate the problem without the connection....


      Anyone have any ideas?