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    Grouped Index


      I have a data set that has multiple rows per day of month.  Is there a way to index the rows, so the index restarts on the first day of my data for each month?  Often the first date of each month is not the first day of the month (i.e. there may not be 1/11/18), so I can't simply use the day of the month function, and sometimes the dates extend into the next month (see the last 2 rows below). So basically, an index grouped by Month then Date.


      I can't upload, but an example below:



      November 181
      4/11/18November 181
      5/11/18November 182
      6/11/18November 183
      4/12/18December 181
      5/12/18December 182
      5/12/18December 182
      7/12/18December 18 3
      2/01/19December 184
      3/01/19December 185