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    Calculated Field to Lookup Corresponding ID and Output Name

    n s

      I have a data set of employee information and I am trying to build a manager-to-employee hierarchical view as apart of a larger dashboard. 

      The Manager ID corresponds to the Employee ID. The "Manager Name" column shows what I want my new output to be. See table below:



      Emplyee ID Name Manger IDManager Name (New Field)
      123456 smith, john 223456doe, jane
      223456 doe, jane 444456moore, kim
      333456 baker, seth 123456smith, john
      444456 moore, kim 555556mack, todd
      555556 mack, todd 123456smith, john
      678910 williams, meagan 123456smith, john


      I want to create a calculated field that will lookup Manager ID against the Employee ID and output the correct Manager Name.


      Once I have the right output for Manager Name, I would want to be able to select "Smith, John" and show that he manages Seth,Todd, and Meagan.

      I hope I have explained this well. I appreciate any help!