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    Tableau Reports Connecting to Essbase Creating Multiple Sessions

    Tom V

      Hi Tableau Community,


      We have notice an issue when user open Tableau reports through the web that are connected to an Essbase data source that it is creating multiple sessions in EAS and lingers long after the user have logout of the report and close the browser.


      It is causing an issue for us because user are noticing a decrease in report performance when multiple users are looking at reports at the same time. We have been able to manage the issue by going into Essbase EAS and kill any closed lingering sessions forcefully after confirming with the user that they no longer viewing the report.


      Is there a setting on Tableau side that immediately terminate the session in Essbase as soon as the user logout or close the report? Here is the kicker, when we connect to the same report via Desktop connection, sessions are created in EAS and are terminated immediately as soon as we close out. We would want the same behave to happen via Web viewing.


      Thank you in advance