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    cmd json with output server

    Eric Brennan

      I need only to connect to Oracle to pull the data into a flow. (this part seems to work) I do not need to send up to the server. I am exporting to a hyper file.


      Flow is working while running from the interface however running from the command line it ends after it cannot find publish server.


      this is my current json file.




          "username": "myUserName",



          "password": "mypassword"





      Flow does not finish.


      this is what cmd ouput looks like.

      prep flow json.png


      What do I need to add to json file or command line so not to look for server upload credentials.

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          Samara Nunes

          Hi Eric,  probably it's missing the output string. Take a look on the instructions that I found on the following tableau help topics:


          Tips for creating your credentials file

          Tableau Prep uses information from the flow file and from the credentials .json file to run the flow when you have remote connections. For example, the database name for your remote connections and the project name for your output files come from the flow, and the server name and the log in credentials come from the .json file.

          To avoid errors when running the flow, make sure your credentials file follows these guidelines:

            • No remote output connection? Include this syntax at the bottom of the .json file
          "outputConnections":[ ] }
          • No port ID for your input connection? Don't include the "port":xxxx, reference in the .json file, not even "port": "".
          • When referencing the "serverUrl": don't include a "/" at the end of the address. For example, use this "serverUrl": "http://server" not this "serverUrl": "http://server/".
          • If you have multiple input or output connections include the credentials for each one in the file.


          You can find the entire information on https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/prep/en-us/help.html#prep_save_share.html%3FTocPath%3D_____8


          I hope this help you.

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