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    New Custom SQL

    Julianne Hergenroder

      When using the code to measure the distance between Lat/Long (I.e.)


      ACOS((SIN(RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Lat]), First())))
      * SIN(RADIANS(AVG([Lat]))) + COS(RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Lat]), First()))) * COS(RADIANS(AVG([Lat]))) *
      COS(RADIANS(AVG([Long])) - RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Long]), First()))) ))*3959


      Does everyone import their data from excel? We create tables in PostSQL and import them into Tableau and for some reason I cannot seem to get this code to work regardless of how I manipulate the code or data, giving me the error:

      (ERROR: syntax error at or near "["; Error while executing the query) every time.