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    Please i need help with this - Sum dimension values and still show individual results

    Robertino Bonora

      Hello everyone, I have the next problem that I will explain:


      In my database suppose I have 1000 records, plus I have 4 calculated fields that have a different analysis for each record in the database, for example:

      A record can meet only one of the conditions of these 4 calculated fields so it has value in one of those 4 columns. Then what I did was to gather all these results in another definitive calculated field so that all the records have in a single column a value resulting from the analysis.


      What the end user is asking me now is that he needs one of these 4 results to show the sum of that result plus another of the possible results, for example, if I have 4 columns A, B, C and D and I have 1000 records suppose, 250 meet the condition of column A, 250 the condition of column B, 250 of C and 250 of D. The user wants to show a bar graph with the conditions as columns and show bar A with value 250, bar B with value 250, bar C with value 250 and bar D with value 500 (250 of the records that meet the condition of column D plus 250 assume column A).


      I tried to achieve this with a condition IF but the result is that either it shows the columns B with value 250, C with value 250 and D with 500 or it shows the 4 bars each with value 250 and not the last bar D with value of 500.


      I attached the twbx file, in the workbook what i need is to show the 4 bars but with this values:


           Disregarded: 145

           Finished: 392

           Incoming: 1345

           Pending: 4244 (The result of sum incoming and pendings records)


      Is this possible? I hope I have made myself understood, thank you