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    Ignore a dimension in table calculation

    Manjot Singh

      I have a worksheet with several dimensions. I also have a table calculation (Index() function) which I use to generate axes coordinates.


      Now, I need to add another dimension but it messes up the table calculation because the new dimension is at more detailed level. Is there a way to ignore (exclude) a dimension from table calculations? Any other way I can achieve this?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Sure.  Select Edit Table Calc for that calc on your sheet.  Here is a screen shot where I do exactly what you are asking about:



          You can drag the order of the dimensions so that they are ordered in the list in the order you want them evaluated.  You may have to specify a "Restarting every" dimension, and sometimes you have to specify "At the level".


          It's not easy to say what you specifically have to do.  So often it depends on what is on the sheet and what you are actually looking to accomplish.

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            Manjot Singh

            Hi Joe


            I tried modifying the table calculation but the options 'At the level' and 'Restarting every' are grayed out. I think it could be because the field with the table calculation is on the shelf.