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    Getting error when trying to add an eventlistener for the ParameterChanged type with extensions.

    Mackenzie Denker

      On Tableau 2018.2 with tableau-extensions-1.latest.js.


      The error I get is  "Unhandled promise rejection Error: unsupported-event-name: Cannot add event, unsupported event type: parameter-changed" even though the documentation says it is supported.  Other event types work - when I just change the event type and leave the rest of my code the same it works.



      Full stack:

        at TableauError.Error (native)

          at new TableauError (http://localhost:8764/tableau-extensions-1.latest.js:181:28)

          at Worksheet.window.tableau.EventListenerManager.addEventListener (http://localhost:8764/tableau-extensions-1.latest.js:1078:19)

          at http://localhost:8764/hello-extension.js:42:59

          at Array.forEach (native)

          at http://localhost:8764/hello-extension.js:36:36

          at run (http://localhost:8764/tableau-extensions-1.latest.js:2865:22)

          at http://localhost:8764/tableau-extensions-1.latest.js:2882:30

          at MutationObserver.flush (http://localhost:8764/tableau-extensions-1.latest.js:3210:9)