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    Daily Report update

    Bhumika Bhandari

      Hello Everyone,


      Currently, I'm working on a report generation on a daily basis about how many users have registered on our platform previous day?  I can use the Live/Extract Data Source to get updates daily and subscribe to send reports to my team members. But, how Tableau can create a report or update report to get yesterday's count of users? ( I am using Filter to remove all other day's value which is stupid - so looking forward to a better solution)

      Example: on 25th September'18 - I want to send "# new user registered on 24th Sept'18" to all my team members early morning and tomorrow I want the report to update automatically and send "# new user registered on 25th Sept'18" to everyone. How can I perform this task?


      Thanks in advance!



      Ps: I really like this Tableau community where everyone is really helpful - So far, I got an answer to all my questions!!! Cheers!!!